One of the hardest parts of my job is all the traveling. Although I get to go lots of fun places, it can really throw you off mentally and physically. Last week was Lake Tahoe, the week before that was Las Vegas and the weekend before that was Ft. Myers Beach, FL. One day we’re swimming in the ocean, the next day we’re fighting off frost-bite.

The Pink Shell Resort in Ft. Myers Beach, FL...livin' the dream!

The theater that booked me (The Purple Heart Theater) graciously put us up at this beach front resort…the boys (Mark included) loved it! Our room had a screened room overlooking the ocean:

How amazing is this?

The only problem is I have a very rambunctious 2 year old that would climb the outside of the Empire State Building if I turned my head. How could I relax with him running around, smashing into the railings? A loop of the Eric Clapton song, “Tears in Heaven” played in my head the entire time we were there.

The beach is the world's largest "Etch a Sketch".

We could only occupy Zeke for 2 1/2 minute intervals. Then he would run full steam into the water, get knocked down by a wave and come up sputtering.

How much salt water can a 2 year old drink?

The club was an adventure.  I had no idea it was an outdoor theater. Actually, it was the booker’s backyard!

The Purple Heart Theater

They cooked dinner on an outside grill, so I literally performed at a backyard Barbeque! The audience was gracious and the owners went out of their way to make us feel at home…probably because it WAS their home!