Well, we did it. We had a benefit for the Larkin family and Noah’s Light Foundation and we raised some serious cash. 

It started out as a neighborhood, “Hey, kids…let’s put on a show!” and grew into a major productions with all the bells and whistles. Nationally touring bands and comedians performed, radio stations got involved and silent auction items fell  from the sky. It was an amazing show of love and support for Noah and his family, while everyone had a great time dancing, laughing and shopping. 


Amber Larkin, guest of honor; Helen Keaney, comedienne & host of HSN; and that's me the only time I wasn't frantically pacing.

Amber was poised and gracious…I don’t know how she does it. All I know is that when I grow up, I want to be just like her. 

My brother's band, Channel Z...wonder how THEY got the gig?

 It was really fun for me to share the stage with my brother, Scott. He’s been a drummer his entire life and I’ve been a… well…a…I’ve been performing in some way or another all my life and this is the first time we’ve ever been in the same show. Pretty cool.  Of course let the record show that he was MY opening act! Ha! 

Channel Z was awesome. Everyone loved their covers of hits old and new. Then my dear friend, Helen took the stage and really shook up our little town of Celebration. She gave us an outsider’s perspective and made us all laugh at ourselves. If you missed it or want more, Helen will be Headlining at the Tampa Improv for Cinco De Mayo. 

Then one of my oldest friends in comedy (uh…that came out wrong…one of my dearest friends in comedy that I’ve known the longest…) Lynn Trefzger came on with all her puppet “friends”. She has amazed me for years. I’ve seen her show a million times and it still makes me laugh. 

3 people from the audience became Lynn's puppets. I never knew asking someone their favorite color could be so hysterical.

I have to tell you what Lynn did. In addition to volunteering her performance like Channel Z and Helen Keaney did, I brought Lynn over to meet Noah and his sister, Landin. She brought one of her puppets, Cloe and proceeded to make those children laugh non-stop for over an hour. Cloe even tucked Landin into bed! That was truly above and beyond, Lynn…thank you. 

My turn. I outed Mark as "Lizard-Man" to the amusement of all our friends. You're a good sport, Honey.

The evening was a success. We made over $4000. in ticket sales and concession and are still waiting for the final count from the Silent auction company (unless he left the country with the money).  We told the Larkins we love them, we raised awareness for the cause and had a wonderful night out without the kids! 

To everyone who had their hand in this, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am humbled by your generosity and compassion.