One of the best things about turning 2 1/2 is that your Mom & Grandma can take you to the Disney Store in the mall and you think you’ve been to Disney World. Hug a couple of stuffed Mickey’s, watch Toodles on the store’s DVD player and you’ll sleep a pixie dust-induced sleep for hours, thinking you have the best Mommy in the world. 

Obviously, Zeke doesn’t get the whole 1/2 birthday thing yet…he doesn’t understand his regular birthday. BUT, he will. So, just like all the other holidays, we’re paving the road now to drive on it later. Besides…it’s an excuse to eat cupcakes, sing “Happy 1/2 birthday to you” and give Zeke lots of extra special attention. (Did anyone notice the cupcakes were listed first?) 

I made Ghirardelli chocolate muffins and called them 1/2 birthday cakes. Zeke took one bite and said, “mmm, mmm, mmm…delish! Da goo, Mommy…da goo.” 

Frozen fruit bar for the 1/2 birthday boy. Two desserts in one day...crazy!


Next year we’ll take him to Petco and tell him he’s at the zoo.