I wrote about it in his “therapy journal”. I figure he can just hand over the book to his therapist someday. It will save lots of time and money trying to regress and remember what happened to him in his childhood.

Here’s the scene:  Nate was getting his very first trophy for playing T-Ball. It was very informal. We were all standing around a picnic table at a park. The coach said a little something about each player before he handed them their trophy and everyone clapped for that player. When he finished the last player and the clapping died down I simply said, “Hey, team…let’s hear it for Coach T!  Hip, hip hooray! Hip, hip hooray! And Nate spun his head around and glared at me, “Maaaaaaaaaaam!” and he put his 5 1/2 year old finger to his lips and said, “Shhhhhh!” I new it would happen someday, but really? Hip, hip hooray was the deal breaker? I’m thinking that kid better toughen up…does he know what I do for a living?

The scene of the crime

Just wait till he hears me barking like Arsenio Hall at his Kindergarten graduation this week.