Living in Florida means that we are surrounded by water. We’re in Orlando, so I’m not talking about the ocean. I’m talking about our neighbors. Seems like every house in FL (except ours) has a swimming pool. We opted for a big shade tree that our young boys wouldn’t drown in.

Our neighborhood also has public pools. Not 1, not 2 but 4 pools for our boys to beg* to swim in.

*BEG (verb) To whine and plead for hours; to use a tone and pitch of voice that runs up your parent’s spine and into their brain like a jack hammer until they collapse into a fleshy puddle on the floor and say, “Yes.”



Zeke's learning the Duck Method from Teacher Sarah.



Most kids are happy to put their face in the water and get a duck. Not Zeke. He wants to squirt Teacher Sarah's head. We have to pay extra for that.



Then she teaches them to "Jump into the hoop". He'll be starring in Cirque du Soleil's "O" in 2026

Then they do a “Starfish float”. That’s when Sarah hold’s their head and counts, “1 starfish, 2 starfish…” while they float on their backs.

A few times, when Sarah was helping Zeke with his Starfish float, she laughed. I never understood why until I did some Starfish floats with Zeke after class to practice.  He’s still really nervous to hold his hands out, so he reaches back to grab something…anything…to hang onto. “HONK!”


My "innocent" devil.