It was a great family day of sleeping in, lounging in our PJs and a huge wrestle / tickle fest. Nate proclaimed, “Wew, Daddy I’m sweaty!” and he pulled off his shirt. Not to be outdone, Zeke yelled, “No, I’m sweaty!” and pulled off his shirt. More wrestling, more tickling. Then Nate threw his arms around Mark’s neck and his little sweaty arm pit made a “toot” sound on his Daddy’s shoulder. Uncontrollable, gut-wrentching, roll-on-the-ground laughter ensued for many, many minutes. Nothing like a “toot” joke, folks.

Then it happened. Mark pulled off his shirt and said, “Hey, boys…watch this!” and everything went to slow motion. I saw him reach his right hand towards his left arm pit. I shrieked (also in slow-mo), “NnnnnOoooo!!!!!” and dove over my son’s to shield their eyes.

But it was too late.  “Ppppfffffttttt!!!” He showed them the  arm pit “toot”.

As soon as he did it, Mark realized what he had just unleashed. He looked up at me with wide-eyed horror and mouthed, “I’m soooo sorry.”

Life as I knew it… is over. {sigh}

I apologize to everyone in advance for my son’s behavior.