“Mommy? Why don’t I have a scarf?”

“Because we live in Florida.”

“You have a scarf and you live in FL.”

“True, but I’m making a fashion statement, Nate.”

“What’s the statement, Mommy?”

“The statement is: If I wrap this scarf around my neck, you can’t see my neck wrinkles.”

“Mommy, I’m 6 years old now and if I bend my head forward really far…my neck wrinkles, too.”

“OK, Nate. You can have a scarf for when the temperature dips down below 60 degrees.”

“Yeah! Thank you, Mommy. Where do we get scarfs…the scarf store?”

“Actually, Nate…I know how to make scarfs. I can crochet one for you.”

“Really?!!! Will you make one for me?”

“I’d be happy to, Nate.”

“How much will it cost me out of my piggy bank?”

“Eh, hem…er…nothing. I will make it for you as a present.”

“Wow! You’re the best Mommy ever!”

(chain 10, double crochet 9, chain 2, turn, double crochet 9….till the wee hours of the night)

“Good morning, Nate! I have a surprise for you!”

“Wow! Really, Mommy? What is it? Is it a Wii game?”

“No, it’s not a Wii game. {sigh} I finished your scarf!”

“REALLY? Can I wear it, Mommy?”

{I proudly wrap the scarf I lovingly made my son around his little neck}

“EWWWW! It’s scratchy, Mommy! I don’t want it.”

“Nate, when someone lovingly makes you a gift, you say Thank you very much, I love it.”

“Thank you very much, I love it. But can you make it fuzzier & softer?”