I was so excited that my youngest, Zeke was chomping at the bit to go caroling. I didn’t know why he was so gung-ho, but I didn’t care…I had me a singer!

My oldest, Nate is NOT a singer. Not only will he not sing, but he won’t let me or my husband sing or dance. Since he was old enough to have an opinion, Nate would scream bloody murder if either of us uttered one note. Anyone else can belt out hours of song…just not us. He would / does get physically violent if he has too to stop us. He’s tried holding his hand over our mouths, yelling over us and even banging his head into the wall. It’s like living with Simon Cowell: “Absolutely dreadful”.

When we got the notice that the boys’ Montessori school was heading up a caroling session, I was preparing for an evening of closed-mouthed support.  Then Zeke said, “Mommy! We go to everyone’s house and sing A B C’s!” I didn’t have the heart to tell him that his favorite song would probably not be on the evening’s set list, I was just thrilled that he was thrilled.

Bundle up boys...it's dipping down to 65 degrees!

So Mark and I gather up the troops and head out with our fingers crossed.

Nate found his friends and was busy running around, playing. That was a relief.

I got to focus all Zeke’s energy in the right direction.  Every house we went to, he would run up to the door, pushing all the kids (most twice his size) out of his way. He would get right in front of the door and be first in line. I couldn’t see what he was doing the first couple of houses, so I pushed my way through the crowd, in Zeke’s wake.  The bell was pushed and I could see Zeke’s legs wiggling with excitement and anticipation. The door opened and before anyone could say anything, Zeke yelled at the top of his lungs, “TRICK OR TREAT!!!”