There have been several times invited guests have been lead into my son’s bedroom after the proclamation, “Come to my room! General Grievous has TWO light-savers!” And I will admit that I walked over to the monitor and listened when I realized they were on “Candid Radio”. Oh, yeah…like you wouldn’t.

Most times it’s a nice boost to my weary Mommy soul. “Wow! Look how cute she decorated his room.” or “What polite boys they are.” And my favorite, “It must be so much fun to have a funny, pretty, talented Mommy!” (That hasn’t been uttered yet, but I’m hopeful.)

Occasionally, I get my just deserts for eavesdropping: “Look at all these toys, does she ever say no to these kids?” or “Maybe if she stopped blogging and started cleaning…” but my Mom doesn’t go into the kid’s room that often.

My favorite use of the monitor is listening to my boys play and talk when they think they’re all alone…until today.

My  boys like to snuggle in Mommy and Daddy’s bed in the morning. It’s become a wonderful way to wake up. (since we went from a double to a queen) My 6 yr. old, Nate crawled in next to me and snuggled against my chest. He withdrew from me like he was stabbed:

“MOMMY! Pee-you! You stink!” (waving his hand in front of his nose)

“Really? I’m sorry, Nate.” (smelling myself) “I don’t smell anything. What does it smell like?”

“Like the dump. You smell like the dump.  I have to get out of here.”

(horrified, embarrassed and in shock) “OK, Nate. sorry about that.”

“Mommy, you need to get up and take a shower RIGHT NOW!”

I turned over to see my husband trying to muffle his laughter so much that he was turning purple.

Then I hear Nate enter Zeke’s room in the monitor:

“Good morning, Zeke! Are you ready to get up?”

“Hi, Nate. Yes! I want to go snuggle with Mommy.”

“NOOOO! Don’t do it, Zekey. Mommy smells so bad it will make you vomit.”

We don’t have monitors in our house anymore.