…That’s the lead in I heard the news anchor saying in my head when the chicken landed on my head and went berserk. Children started running and screaming, “The chicken is on her back! He’s going to peck her face off!” Not my children, other people’s children. My children were screaming with laughter.  “Daddy! Take a picture, the chicken is attacking Mommy! That’s sooo funny! Do a video Daddy so we can watch it over and over!”


Turns out the chicken wasn’t attacking me, it was roosting on me for safety. When they let the kids go in the chicken coop, they chase and try to catch the poor things. Wish I’d know that before I yelled stuff that would make a trucker blush. Luckily, it was such a high pitch scream that only the animals heard it.

We ended up making friends:

It looks so small in the photo. During the “incident”, I would have sworn it was the size of Foghorn Leghorn.