…I turned into a stereotype.

That’s right…I’m officially a SOCCER-MOM.

The boys said they wanted to play soccer. Actually, Nate said he wanted to play soccer. Zeke said, “Mommy I want to play basketball with my feet.” I just assumed he meant soccer. So I went on the website and signed them up not realizing how it would affect me.

Suddenly, just like in a comic book, my life starting morphing into this alien being. I found myself at Target buying folding chairs and a cooler and when I got to the register, there was a soccer-ball antenna flag in my cart. (gasp!) When I passed a mirror, my reflection was replaced with a woman in a sweat suit. Then, on my way to the field, my cool little car started sputtering and stalling. I heard a honk and looked up. There, in front of me, was a sparkling new minivan glimmering in the sun….STOP!!!


I’m a Mother whose sons just happen to play basketball with their feet.