“Nate & Zeke…we have to name the puppy, do you have any ideas?”

“Mommy, I think we should call her Sprinkles. No, Sweetie Pie. NO…CUTIE PIE!! Because she’s so cute.”

“That’s a really sweet name, Nate. What do you think about that, Daddy?”

“Eh hem…I think Zeke should have a suggestion. What do you think, Zeke?”

“She smells like cake. I think we should name her Cake.”

Mark is grimacing at every suggestion. In a whisper-growl to me he says, 

“I always picture myself with a big, beefy dog. Like a Mastiff or something. It’s bad enough we have a 4 lbs dog called a YorkiePoo…I’m not yelling, ‘Here, Cutie Pie….’!! And there will be no pink collars or bows!”

“OK, calm down John Wayne. Hey boys, it’s Daddy’s turn to suggest a name. What do you think we should call the puppy, Daddy?”

“Well, she looks like an Ewok to me. How about Wicket?”



“She DOES look like an Ewok, Daddy! But Wicket was a boy Ewok…our puppy is a girl.”

“Well Nate, we could make it a girl name by adding a ‘te’. She could be Wickette”

“What do you think of that name, Zeke?”

“I like Star Wars, so I like it.  Mommy?”

“Yes, Zeke?”

“When Wickette dies…can we get a kitty cat?”