1.  Go to all the parties with your family, but don’t let the kids bring a toy sword if there’s sand for them to bury it in.

2.  If your son wins a prize at Animal Kingdom’s DinoLand Fossil Fun Games…..

….be prepared to stay and play until the other son wins something.

3. When your son meets a new friend, be thankful his parents are really cool to hang out with.

4.  Book Disney’s Art of Animation Resort early because it’s so amazingly cool, it will sell out fast!

5. When your kids are wearing mouse ears…take their picture! (Whether they want you to or not.)

6. Check out the hills and terrain of the paths BEFORE you promise to rent a bicycle surrey for an hour.

7.  When your “boss” has no microphone, rethink telling her to “Talk into my boob.”.

8.  To improve your online savvy, you can’t just own Chris Brogan’s book…you have to read it.

9. Hand your camera to strangers so you can be in some of the photos together. (Be prepared to chase them if they take off with it.)

10. I have the best job in the world. (Right under the person who gives away free Ghiradelli chocolate at Downtown Disney)

PS  Thanks to Disney and all the amazing “Moms” who made this conference one for the record books.

PPS A special thanks to the Mom-to-the-rescue who had all the right “supplies” one would need in a ladies room. I owe you BIG time.