The magic started to happen on the hour drive to the ship’s port. Nate & Zeke looked up from their books, turned their heads towards each other, smiled and began to TALK to each other! Not one of the sentences started with, “Give it to me! It’s not fair!” or even, “I’m telling!” What was happening? Who were these kids and can I keep them?

Nate started the conversation:

“Zeke, what’s the first thing you’re gonna do when you get on the ship?”

“Well, I’m gonna find our room, see if we have a port hole or a balcony, then I’m gonna go into the bathroom…I’ll probably have to go poop by then.”

Their excitement was palpable. The closer we got to the ship, the more they resembled the children I have in my dreams at night. Hey….wait a minute…we were cruising on the DREAM! I don’t know how Disney does it, but it was 4 amazing days of my boys being happy, nice, polite, friendly, helpful and loving…to each other. Don’t take my word for it, here’s the proof:

They played together:




They swam together:


They played tricks on Mommy and made her heart stop:


They posed for every photo with REAL smiles:


They watched every show on the edge of their seats:


Sometimes, it was too exciting to watch:


They snuggled the Mouse…Zeke, inappropriately. (Yikes! Sorry, Mickey.):


And if you STILL don’t believe in Disney magic, I give you “BOYS WITH PRINCESSES”:


Disney cast a magical spell on my boys. I rest my case.