“Nate, Mommy’s got Sneeches!”


“On her leg!”

“Zeke…Mommy’s got STITCHES on her leg!”

“That’s what I said!”


Now that the boys are back in school, I’m doing some “Mommy Maintenance”. I made  the appointment with the dermatologist to get a few “things” removed. I can thank my Mom for the “Barnacle Gene”. I would have much rather inherited her hair. “Nothing to it.” she told me. “The doctor will just freeze the spots and they fall off in a few days.” Great, only…2 of my “spots” needed to be dug out and sent to the lab.


I’m not judging or anything, but doesn’t my Doctor look just a little too happy to be digging out my flesh?  Yikes.

Where was the other spot? The tip of my nose thank you very much. Nothing says “Halloween” like a flesh wound on your face.

“Dude, you look like a meth addict.”

“Thanks, Pal…I can always count on my brother to put things in perspective.”