“I know Nate, but a box can be anything you want it to be!”

“Can it be a Wii game?”


“But that’s what I want it to be.”

“Zeke, what do you think the boxes are?”

“Dirty. Dirty and hot.”

“Listen, Guys…when Mommy and Daddy were little…”

“Aaaaahhhh! We know…you used to play with boxes. You told us.”

“It’s fun! Just try it, please?”





“Mommy, it’s really hot in here.”

“Sigh. OK, let’s bring them inside, then you can make them into forts!”

“What’s a fort?”


“Like this, Mommy?”

“Uh, kinda, Zeke. Just crawl in the door we cut out.”


“Look, Mommy! Wickette’s going in!”



“Look, Mommy! Wickette’s giving me Fort kisses!”

“Are we done now? Can we play the Wii?”

“No! You haven’t played inside the box fort yet…Look, I’ll show you how to do it…”


“See? It’s so much fun! Look, I’m in my fort!”


“OK Guys, it’s your turn…hang on, I’m stuck…Guys?…Nate? Zeke?…Mommy’s stuck…I need some help….BOYS!…where are you…?”

“Here I am, Mommy…I went to go get the camera for your blog.”

“Thank you, Nate. Listen, if you help me out, then help me put these BOXES in the trash…you and Zeke can play the Wii.”