…and I didn’t even know it. I usually know when to be embarrassed. There are signs. My face gets hot and red; I start sweating and my heart starts beating, “Duh-dumb…Duh-dumb…Duh-idiot”.

But this time none of that happened.

I had just left dinner with friends and decided to run into Whole Foods before I went home. It was dark (my disclaimer). I parked my car and reached into my purse for my lipliner. (I had eaten off all my lipstick at the restaurant.) I still had a band-aid on my nose from my visit with Dr. Ghoul but I didn’t let that stop me from going out. I don’t embarrass easily. As long as you’ve got on some lipstick…you’re good.

Everyone in the store was nice to me. REALLY nice. Bigger smiles; (giggly, actually) more than the usual pleasantries, but I didn’t give it another thought accept, “Wow, I still got it!” I paid for my things and left the store.

The embarrassment doesn’t hit me until I get home. Mark looks at me when I come through the door and exclaims, “Hola, Chola!”

“Huh?” I run to the mirror and see:

Let me zoom in on the “Chola”:


Morals of the story:

1. Eye-liner is the same size and shape as lip-liner.

2. I soooo don’t, “still got it”.