…in everything!

Mark and I used to be cool. We were “Swing Kids“. We wore vintage clothes; danced at cool clubs and hung out with other cool people.

family formal 2



That was before kids. Now we are so NOT cool. We are comfortable.

We wear “cozy” clothes that won’t hold onto stains that our boys wipe on us. I saw the snuggie commercial and had to fight the urge to buy it with every ounce of good taste left in my Mom body.

It doesn’t stop there. Mark and I used to own antiques. Beautiful 200 year old dressers and armoires. Gone. Sold to make room for Ikea shelves that would store LEGOS and playdoh. I now own a table painted with chalk-board paint.

And the art….Oh, the art. I had real art hanging on my walls, people!


My favorite artist, Itzchak Tarkay has been replaced with:



“The Rules” by some Mom tired of saying them for the umpteenth time.

My kitchen “art”:



I may be eating dinner in a cozy pair of yoga pants, surrounded by Danish pieces of wood connected with an allen wrench BUT…

my boys are sitting up straighter at the table and (gasp) did my 5 year old just put his napkin in his lap?

I guess I’ll get my antiques back someday but for now, I have to admit, THIS feels pretty darn good:



Yes, that would be a Love Sac (Sigh)