…I would tell YOU!

Driving home from a show, I decided to stop at Starbucks. I don’t drink coffee, but I love me a Java-chip Frappuccino to pass the miles.

Everything’s going great. I’m jamming on some “Wave” tunes on my Sirius radio; enjoying my Frap WAY too much and loving the drive home.

Phone call from Mark:

“Hey, do you think you can stop at Target and get me a blah, blah, blah…..?”

“Sure, Honey…I’m almost at that exit.”

I pull off the highway and slurp down the rest of my drink…except that last hunk of Java-chip in the bottom of the cup. It’s just too big for the straw. Mmmm, I bet it’s a big hunk of chocolate. I’m not throwing it away! So, I remove the dome lid, put the cup to my mouth and pound on the bottom of the cup. Sloooowly it starts to slide towards my mouth…almost there…(pound, pound) Success!! Yum. Big hunk of chocolate well worth the work. Everything is good with the world.

I grab my purse and run into Target.

Everyone is very friendly and smiling at me. In fact, they’re kind of chuckling in a familiar way when they say hi. Do they recognize me? Have they seen one of my shows? How cool! What a great night I’m having. I smile back and continue shopping.

When I bring the items to the check out, more of the same. Big smiles, and warm chuckles. Wow. Maybe my “NickMom Night Out” aired again. Could this night get any better? I pay for the items and go to the car.

After loading the bags and fastening my seatbelt, I catch my reflection in the rear-view mirror:


starbucks 2


Seriously? Come on people! Help a choco-holic, sista out.

At least it wasn’t Walmart. I’d have to kill myself if I ended up on THAT website.