Zeke has a “covers-his-ears” issue. It’s been with us for a couple of years now. Funny how quirks get accepted by family members and even enabled.

Case and point:

Mark was trying to involve the boys in some tool-time, fixing around the house. Nate’s ladder up to his bed was loose and Mark didn’t want to risk “that look” from me if it broke and Nate fell, so it was first on the list.

“Nate, you help hold the screw while I drill it in.”

“OK, Daddy.”

“Zeke, you stand on the ladder to hold it down while we drill in the screw.”

“OK Daddy but is it going to be loud? I can’t hold on and cover my ears at the same time!”

“I can do it, Zeke!”

“Thank you, Nate.”

“You’re welcome.”


It’s moments like these that take my breath away, fill my Mommy heart and make me cry happy.

Of course they don’t last very long:

“NATE! You’re pushing my ears into my brain!”

“SORRY! I was just trying to help!”

“MOMMY…Nate made my ears flat!”




Moment gone.