When Nate was 5 and Zeke was 2, we took them for what we thought would be a fun-filled day at the zoo. We were wrong.

Now, I’m telling you this story because I wish someone would have told me. SPRING is not a good time to take your kids to the zoo. Lots of questions will be asked if you go in the SPRING – questions you won’t be prepared to answer:


“Mommy? What’s that camel doing?”

“GAAAACKKKK!!!  Uhhhh….he’s…ummm…trying to pick up that tube, carry it over to the other tubes and build with it. He’s too big for Legos, so they gave him those to play with.”

Mark looked at me with a “Nice save” smile and an approving nod of the head. Then he leaned in and whispered, “That camel really thinks a lot of himself, doesn’t he?”

“Most males do, Honey…most males do.”