We got an email from our friends at Poodle and Pooch Rescue with this photo:



They were asking families that had adopted from them before, if anyone had room in their homes and hearts to foster her while they looked for her “forever family”.

Are you kidding me?!! How can you say “no” to that face? My ovaries replied to the email, “We’ll do it!” And quicker than you can say, “Estrogen-induced impulse-response”, she was here.

FOS’-TER (verb) 1. To nurture and rear a dog with full intent to be a temporary guardian. 2. To spend tons of money on new pet “stuff” 3. To convince husband, “It’ll only be for a week or two.”

From the Latin: SUCKER. To be sucked into thinking you will ever be able to give this ball of love away.

Usage: “I will foster this dog for a week…then adopt her.”



Will they or won’t they? Stay tuned.