Mark and I were invited to a dear friend’s wedding last night. My Mom came over to watch the kids so it was a rare night out for us.

The invitation said, “Semi-formal” so we got to dress up! I only wish I had read that part days before the event instead of minutes before I was supposed to get dressed. The only “special” dresses I had in my closet were ones I had worn for TV appearances. That would be awkward. I did have one I wore on a Just for Laughs special that only aired in Canada…I’m playing the odds and wearing it.” I thought.






“Nate, Zeke…we’re leaving!”

The kids ran into the kitchen to say goodbye and stopped short when they saw us.

“Daddy, you look handsome! Mommy you look so pretty…are you going to tell jokes?”

“No, not tonight Nate. Daddy and I are going to a special friend’s wedding. What do you think, Zeke?”

“I’ve never seen Daddy in that costume before…awkward!”


PS The wedding was wonderful, until the very end…

“Maryellen, I’d like you to meet my friends…they flew in all the way from Canada!”

“That’s a beautiful dress, I feel like I’ve seen it before somewhere…”