That statement is never followed by good stuff. “Mommy, I need help carrying this present I made you.” Or “Mommy, I need help putting away all these dishes I washed. It’s always, “Mommy, I need help putting all the water back into the toilet.” Or “Mommy, I need help gluing all these pieces back together.”

So when I heard that dreaded opening statement, I took a deep breath and asked,

“Help with what, Zeke?”

“I need help getting a Perler Bead out of my nose!”

“Aaaaahhhh! Uh, I mean, it’s OK, don’t worry…we’ll get it.”

I held his right nostril closed and said, “Blow!”

Note to self: Hold tissue in front of nostril to catch Perler Bead and everything else that comes flying out onto my chest.