When traveling, I find it best to blend in with the locals as best you can.

I think I blended:

In fact, I blended so well that locals were all speaking Hebrew to me. When I stopped them and said I was from America, they would always respond, “But you’re Jewish, right?” I would tell them, “No, I’m not Jewish.” I was told, “You could be!” Uhhh…Thank you?

I was performing as part of a tour called “Comedy for Koby” a foundation that helps families who’ve lost loved ones to terror attacks. I can’t think of a better use for Comedy.

I went once before but that time I brought Mark and Nate. Nate was 2. The only thing I did on that trip was look for diapers and a place to change them. Oh, we climbed Masada…with Nate strapped to my back. 

But this time I got to be a tourist. In a nutshell I:

Went to the Souk (Avi lied…it was NOTHING like the mall.)

I bought some:

And didn’t buy:

I visited the Western Wall:

And covered some bases:

I felt illiterate:

But somehow understood:

I got my watch fixed:

And saw the bald head of the Governor of FL:

I met the most amazing people and made them my friends:

Now I know everything I need to know about the Kabbalah:

Oh, yeah…and I told some jokes (With Saleem, Avi Liberman & John Mulrooney) :

PS. Not sure, but I think I got married: