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We went to see Frozen… here’s what I thought

What did YOU think?






We loved the first “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs”.  Did we love the second?  Hmmmm….

Go here to see: Comedy Film Nerds.

I posted my latest “Mommy & Me” comedy review over at 

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PS This was Nate & Zeke in front of Mark’s design for EPCOT’s Flower & Garden Show. Very cool.



Nate & Zeke doing their dead-on impression of Belt: “Dun, dun, Duuuuuun!”

Comedy Film Nerds is not your average film review site. We’re all comics…reviewing movies in a very funny way. I do the “Mommy & Me” reviews. You should check it out.

“The Croods” review at Comedy Film Nerds



My latest installment over at Comedy Film Nerds is a review of “Wreck-It Ralph” in honor of the DVD release.

“Wreck-It Ralph”

What did YOU think about it?

Nate & Zeke turn Zombie after seeing Hotel Transylvania. (With a little help from my camera’s flash)

My “Mommy & Me” review is here: COMEDY FILM NERDS .

My Ice Age 4: Continental Drift Review.

Did I love it or hate it? Who’s my favorite character? Did I actually see the entire movie?

You’ll never know unless you read it…


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