Sometimes the answer is right there in front of you, but you’re just to “old-school” to see it.

"Let's be on the dark side, Nate!" "OK Noah, but just pretend, right?"

Amber and I set up these iChat cameras so Nate & Noah could see each other when they talked. They talk on the phone often but it’s hard for them to hear/understand each other.

We had no idea what it would turn into.

As soon as they saw each other they got so excited:

“Nate, I’m going to get my Star Wars guys, I’ll be right back.”

“I’m going to get mine too, Noah…I’ll be right back, too.”

They each ran to their rooms and brought back arms filled with Jedis & Sith Lords.

And they played. And they played. And they played.

2 hours went by and they were still going strong. Laughing, joking and killing each other’s guys.  It warmed my heart to see them playing so joyfully.  And it warmed my heart because I got to nap a little on the couch beside them.

“Mommy? I have to go to the bathroom. Can you pause Noah for me?”

“What do you mean, Nate?”

“Can you hit pause on the remote so I won’t miss any of Noah while I’m in the bathroom”.

“It doesn’t work like that Nate, Noah isn’t  a recording.”

“Nate…I have to go to the bathroom too! Let’s go at the same time…on your mark…get set…go!”

Do you have any idea what the attention span is of a 5 & 6-year-old? Cartoons are only 15 minutes long if that gives you any idea. These two boys played with each other in front of this screen for 3 hours. 3 hours! That’s a week and a half in kindergartenland.  I finally had to say, “Time for supper.” and then had to listen to the whining, crying and foot stomping pleas, “I don’t want to eat, I want to play with Noah! PLEASE, Mommy! I can eat any time. I want Noah!”

The final score that day:

Best friends  1

Medulloblastoma 0