Mark had to work an overnight installing a photo location at Disney. (That’s really when the magic happens.) What does this have to do with Mother’s Day? I’ll tell you…MARK got to sleep in this morning, not me!
I tried to keep the boys quiet, so I let them play outside: 


Zeke played with a bucket on his head. How much money have we spent on toys?

And Nate...well, Nate likes to "make mud, not war".

 Since baths were needed, I decided (after yet another morning of screaming bed-head taming) since the temperature has hit the 90s, that it was time for the summer buzz cuts. Nate’s been through it several years in a row and loves it but it was Zeke’s first dance with the clippers.   



 Zeke took a LOT more coaxing…Dora on the TV; popsicle in hand AND a promised lollipop when it was all done.      Hey, I’m not ashamed. I would have let him drink wine and smoke cigarettes if it would have made him sit still.   

Before...(yeah, I know)


Then Mark woke up and it was Mother’s Day.
The best part of the entire day was a call from the Larkins:
“Noah’s counts are still good. How’s your end?”
“No one in our house is sick…not even a sniffle!”
“The planets are aligned.”
“We’ll be right over.”
Nate & Noah played Star Wars; Zeke & Landin played like they were twins; Mark & Dennis played with computers while Amber & I sat outside and drank a glass of Mother’s Day wine.
We listened to our children play & laugh and for a precious few hours, pretended it was 8 months ago.