We’ve been getting lots of art from our 6 yr old. It’s actually quite good for his age. perspective, colors, shading…


Notice the fancy “Z”? His Dad and I are quite proud and hang most on the fridge gallery.

Fast forward to last Thurs. Zeke came home from school with a dark plastic bag. He stood before me, arms outstretched presenting me the bag. Only problem is…he has that look in his eye. That look that every Mom recognizes in her child to mean something wicked this way comes.

“What’s this?”

“It’s a drawing for you, Mommy.”

“Oh, thank you Zeke. Can I open it it?”

(evil giggle) “SURE!” (more evil cackling)

Here is the picture my precious son drew for me:


Needless to say, this one didn’t make the fridge.

I will admit that I had a “Mom’s glass is half-full” thought: “At least he knows the correct spelling of Butt.”



…in everything!

Mark and I used to be cool. We were “Swing Kids“. We wore vintage clothes; danced at cool clubs and hung out with other cool people.

family formal 2



That was before kids. Now we are so NOT cool. We are comfortable.

We wear “cozy” clothes that won’t hold onto stains that our boys wipe on us. I saw the snuggie commercial and had to fight the urge to buy it with every ounce of good taste left in my Mom body.

It doesn’t stop there. Mark and I used to own antiques. Beautiful 200 year old dressers and armoires. Gone. Sold to make room for Ikea shelves that would store LEGOS and playdoh. I now own a table painted with chalk-board paint.

And the art….Oh, the art. I had real art hanging on my walls, people!


My favorite artist, Itzchak Tarkay has been replaced with:



“The Rules” by some Mom tired of saying them for the umpteenth time.

My kitchen “art”:



I may be eating dinner in a cozy pair of yoga pants, surrounded by Danish pieces of wood connected with an allen wrench BUT…

my boys are sitting up straighter at the table and (gasp) did my 5 year old just put his napkin in his lap?

I guess I’ll get my antiques back someday but for now, I have to admit, THIS feels pretty darn good:



Yes, that would be a Love Sac (Sigh)