My Friends

…and it was beautiful.

At dinner, my family was talking about the memorial:

“What did you think about Noah’s Life Celebration, Zeke?”


“What was your favorite part?”

“Seeing all Noah’s Lego guys right in front of my face.”

“What did you think about it, Nate?”

“It was fun AND sad. You know what would have made it the best ever, Mommy?”

“No, what?”

“If someone else had passed away and Noah was there playing with me.”

“I couldn’t agree with you more, Nate.”


My very talented and even nicer friend, John Matta has been drawing hysterical comics on napkins. He’s vowed to draw one a day for an entire year.

I helped him today:


Go see the funny, poignant and very bad penmanship of my napkin.

PS Thanks for asking, Matta. The parts of Philly I miss have you in them.

…our dreams, shattered.

In Lieu of cards, gifts or flowers…PLEASE donate to

Our fight is NOT over!

…and makes $30,000. for good measure!

Noah and I share the mike at station 96.5 WDBO. (thanks, Carl!) I was reminded to never share the stage with kids or animals…Noah stole the show:

“Knock knock”

“Who’s there?”


“Noah who?”

“No-any good jokes?”

And a special shout out to Mix 105.1 Scott MacKenzie, Dana & Jay – who are always there for me…and we laugh!!! I pee myself just a little every time I’m there. (probably why they didn’t let me in the new studio)

We found out that if you build it (and print up tons of posters, promote it on the radio and work tireless amounts of hours spreading the word) they will come:

Thank you to everyone who bought tickets, donated money and bid on auction items. You’ve made the “Light” a little brighter!

Somehow, Amber was able to get up on stage to welcome everyone. Her grace under fire amazes and humbles me every single day. Then she spread the good news about the NK Cells “Noah Protocol” that we’re trying to fund. All ticket sales and proceeds from that night went directly to Noah’s Light Foundation. If you were unable to attend, please click on the link, then hit the “DONATE” button.

One extra nice thing that happened that night is a new friendship with an amazing performer, Dale K. When I put out the word for someone to share the stage with me, Dale K not only offered but donated his time and talent 100% that night. His hypnosis show was so hilarious, I was sweating having to go on after him! Thank you, Dale K. I owe you a BIG one! And speaking of BIG ones:

Then it was time for my rantings:

So many people to thank (Tracey Prever) I don’t know where to start (Suzanne & Carl Nixon) I wouldn’t want to leave anyone out (Orlando Improv & Staff). There were so many people (Rachel & gang at Nth Degree FX) that made the evening a success (Tony & Robin Malatino and Purple Cow) Please go to this link for more people and LOTS of awesome Rachel photos.

Stay tuned for the 3rd annual “Laughter Heals” Benefit next year! (No, I will not be headlining again…who will? That’s a HUGE surprise!)

I guest blogged for my best friend, Amber.

I will admit some fault.  I did choose 2 days before Halloween to change my hair color.


Being asked by SEVERAL women, “Wow! You really go all out for Halloween, huh?” still felt like a sucker punch to the gut. Thanks, “Sistas”. Way to make a girlfriend feel “Witchy”.

This is my hair color before. (Yes, that's a real gator & me, please.)

After. Sure, it's bright, but Halloween? Really?

Sometimes a Super Hero has to hide their super powers and not use them for petty selfish reasons…

Superman doesn’t use his X-ray vision to peep where he shouldn’t; Spiderman doesn’t use his web to wrap up Mary Jane and keep her as his love-slave…ehem…but I digress…

When I received this comment, I didn’t use my super heckler come-back power to say, “No, it’s not for Halloween…it’s your husband’s favorite color.”

With great power, comes great responsibility…

Sometimes it’s really hard to be burdened with this ability and only be able to use it for the good of all mankind.

Nate and Noah have their first-ever Jedi sleep over.

Noah had his MRI yesterday to see if all the treatments have been working. Our fight isn’t over.

SO… we are spending all of our time finding joy, laughter and new Legos right now.

Carpe Diem.

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