Comedy in a tent at a music festival? Yeah, that’s what I thought. But sometimes you do things in life for the perks:

1.  I get to go to Ottawa and hang out with some of my comedy pals.

John Heffron, Me, Finesse Mitchell & Jim Breuer. Forget the show on stage, you should have been in our "green room" trailer.

2.  I get to sleep as late as I want and spend as much time in the bathroom as I want.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   (I slept 10 glorious hours my first night there after spending 2 uninterrupted hours in the bathroom, trying to buff and polish myself back to my pre-child shine.)

3.  I get to use my back stage pass to see all the music acts.

Of course the “boys” wanted to see Iron Maiden. Yeah, I blended right in:

Me: "Does it REALLY have to be that loud?" Breuer: "WHAT?"

Me: "Who's the scary guy?" Breuer: "WHAT?" Me: "Nevermind."

Iron Maiden guys that turned the volume up to "11".

The next night it was MY turn…The B-52’s Baby!

Cindy, Fred and Kate...!

It looked like 1985...if you squinted REALLY hard.

Breuer, Me, Mitchell and Heffron...Yeah, they only lasted 3 songs.