Apple, anyone?

It’s 7am. I’m groggy. I have one focus: Must make Nate’s lunch.  I open the fridge, pull out the produce drawer and grab the bag of apples. I set the bag on the counter and reach in to…..AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! What the…?


“What happened? What’s the matter? Where’s the intruder?”

“In the fridge.”


“Look in the fridge, Mark.”

“Oh, man! I guess the worms got out of their container.”

“Thanks, Master-Of-The-Obvious.”

“Geez, (he’s from Wisconsin)I’m so sorry, Honey. Those are the worms for the…”

“Stop! I don’t want to know. I just want them out of the produce drawer. Then I want the entire fridge immersed in bleach for 27 hours.”

“Mommy…I’ll get them out for you. Don’t worry. I’ll rescue you…even though they won’t hurt you because they’re just worms.”

My 5 year old Knight in shining armor captures the evil, killer worms.

My Knight in shining armor saves me from the evil, killer worms.

I could tell Mark felt really bad.

“I’m REALLY, REALLY sorry, Honey. What can I do to make it up to you?”


Stay tuned for photos of the massive garage clean up!